Christmas 2010, A poem by Byron Hoot

There is always some Herod in us
Caught up in what he decrees
Being threatened by the prophecy
Of a divine king being born
In his kingdom…

Always some trinity of wisdom,
Three sages, looking for the
Truth, who know that Herod’s
‘Scribes and priest hold the truth
They refuse to tell…

Always some Mary and Joseph
Moving inside us, the most
Unlikely couple to have the divine
Child who changes every life
Who touches Him…

And some manger, some unlooked
For spot to be the safest
And humblest birthplace
The divine born among
Cattle and sheep and donkeys
And two bewildered parents
With shepherds running to see if
The news the angels sang is true…

Always, all the time
This is happening in me, in you,
In everyone we know, in everyone
We see — this Herod claim
Of kingship, this divine child whose
Presence usurps all authority,
And the haunting sense we
Are in the story and must decide
What we are to do.


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