PVCC broadcast students ‘ride along’ with ABC reporter

This spring, Broadcast Writing offers students in PVCC’s Journalism Program a day on assignment at ABC15, alongside instructor and general assignment reporter,  Tim Vetscher. Returning from the experience, students have been bursting with tales from the news front.

Puma Press world news editor, Miguel Saucedo, told this.

This Monday, Feb. 8, Saucedo pitched a story idea in the ABC15 newsroom at the start of the day.  Saucedo had read in “The New York Times” that the Boy Scouts were recruiting Hispanic children across  the nation. He wondered what the scouts were doing in Arizona.

Forewarned by fellow student and news editor, Carmela Kelly, Saucedo had come to the conference table prepared.

As it happens on days when unexpected grace excites a blush, Monday was also the day in Phoenix when the Boy Scouts of America was celebrating its 100th anniversary at the Arizona State Capitol. Vetscher and Saucedo  were there, camera in hand, and the rest is broadcast history.


2 thoughts on “PVCC broadcast students ‘ride along’ with ABC reporter

  1. AM says:

    This is wonderful. We reviewed the broadcast in class and also used all of the filming from that day to learn FinalCut Pro.

    As unassuming as ever, Saucedo did not tell us that he actually conducted the interviews that played on ABC15 news.

    But I recognized his hand on the mic and I recognized his voice. Ha!

    Fabulous opportunity. Kudos to Tim Vetscher and to ABC News and to that guy who sits in the corner office with the tinted windows and multiple TV screens.

    He shook our hands.

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