Editors line up for Spring 2010

Congratulations to the new editors for the spring semester and many thanks to those who are departing.

Sadly, we are saying good-bye to John Dill, Charity Parker, Femi Olanubi, Amanda Jaskulski and Jorge Melchor; and Kyle Porter is drawing back from the load of editor-in-chief to do an internship.

Josselyn Berry will be moving into the editor-in-chief position, Tegan McRae will become blogging editor, Britnee Flood will take over Community, and Rio Christoffersen will edit the Contemporary Culture pages.

While it is exciting to see students move to new things, it is also difficult to let those who are leaving go. All departing editors, I hope you will continue publishing with the Puma Press and linking your blogs to the press’ blog page.

Fortunately, we have a strong team of editors returning, and new editors Travis Duprey, Britnee Flood, Kristen Vidulich and Ginger Hoil are joining the team. We are also expanding the web team in the wake of Jaskulski’s departure and will be moving to publish stories routinely on a schedule between traditional, hard copy deadlines. Plus, we plan to coordinate publishing efforts with the Writing for Online Media and Broadcast Writing classes.

Here’s the line up of 16 editors plus the web team for Spring 2010:

Web Team:
Kyle Porter
Forrest Rossi
Akemi Kunugi
Janice Semmel
Travis Duprey

Support Editors:
Copyeditor—Janice Semmel
Photo Editors—Morgan Jacobs and Ginger Hoil
Blogging Editor—Tegan McRae
Graphics Editor—Akemi Kunugi

Puma Press Editors:
Editor-in-chief—Josselyn Berry
News Editor—Carmela Kelly
World News Editor—Miguel Saucedo
State News Editor—Nathan King
Environment Editor—Lisa Racz
Community Editor—Britnee Flood
Sports Editor—Trey Warren
Political Editor—Travis Duprey

Lynx Editors:
Contemporary Culture Editor—Rio Christoffersen
Fine Arts—Kristen Vidulich
Lifestyle—Sandra Hoopes

Go press!


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