Jenee’ Kivin earns Journalism Certificate

Jenee’ Kivin sat in the back corner of my Magazine Article Writing classroom, sequestered behind a computer.  Gauged holes in her ears, the size of quarters, sported decorative plugs; piercings in her nose, chin and eyelid glittered; her purple hair flagged out at 180 degree angles around her head. All combined to project a startling persona.

I could see that Kivin did not mean to go unnoticed, despite her choice of seats in the classroom. It took only one assignment for her to prove her outstanding capability.  This remarkable young lady quickly emerged as a lead writer on the Puma Press, took the position of editor-in-chief and president of the Puma Press Club, and now with pleasure, I congratulate Jenee’ for completing PVCC’s Occupational Journalism Certificate.

Emerging successfully from the journalism program proves a student’s skills.  It requires submitting a portfolio of published work to an advisory council comprised of 11 seasoned journalists who score the student’s work and deliver a pass or fail. Kivin’s portfolio passed well, delivering the credential that says she is ready to go into the marketplace at entry level.  She plans to continue her education in communications at the University of Colorado in Boulder and hopes to expand on the work she has started at PVCC in broadcast reporting.

Go, Jenee’!


2 thoughts on “Jenee’ Kivin earns Journalism Certificate

  1. Jenee' says:

    I just now saw you wrote this.
    Thank you so much.
    And I can never express how much i appreciate what you have taught me through these past few years and how much you pushed me along to grow as a writer.

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