Puma Press has new online look

It’s been less than a year since Puma Press students took over the newspaper’s web site.

This month, I am pleased to introduce a new look for the online publication—designed by student and broadcast journalist, Jorge Melchor.

Each issue of the dual publication, “PumaPress” and “Lynx” can require preparing 40 or more web pages.  Transferring stories, photos, cutlines, photo credits and headlines, rebuilding pages and links calls for hours of student work.  Many thanks go to web editor, Amanda Jaskulski and her team, including Melchor, Akemi Kunugi and Janice Semmel for leading the way to that moment when the paper goes live.  We made it by the deadline as planned.

Next semester, the Puma Press web team will expand.  The goal is to develop a capability to publish news as it happens between hard copy deadlines.


One thought on “Puma Press has new online look

  1. Le Templar says:

    It’s a great idea to expand the web team and coordinate publishing at the Puma Press web site with the writing for online class. This approach will go along way toward preparing PVCC journalism students for the modern writing/publishing environment. Now, we just need to update the criteria for the occupation certificate…

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