Puma Press blogging editor returns and more

“Are you busy?” I heard from the office door behind me.

There he was, much as looked a year ago when he showed up at the same door for the first time.  Puma Press blogging editor, John Dill, makes a rather winsome and unobtrusive appearance when he arrives on the scene that belies the way he will change everything with his visionary perspective.

Dill has been working his editorship remotely from Michigan and Canada for the past four months.  The Puma Press blogging pioneer has returned with an orbitron in tow and a vision for fundraising.  It’s great having this multi-visionary editor back to support the press in its cyberspace initiatives.  Look for the addition of gravitars as he updates the  all new  Puma Press blog page.

Also, contributing to a new look for the Puma Press is graphics editor, Akemi Kunugi. She presented new graphics to the press for approval on Friday.  Look for a new Puma logo with the screened silhouette of desert mountains in the section heads.

The first issue of PVCC’s Puma Press hits the stands Sept. 30.  For the latest news online see the Puma Press online.

Go press!


2 thoughts on “Puma Press blogging editor returns and more

  1. Janice says:

    It’s great to have John back, and Akemi is always a wizard no matter what she does. They both make the after-hours time at Catch 22 more interesting too. It helps that they’re both experts at playing pool!

  2. Carmela Kelly says:

    This my favorite entry on your blog. Finally I heard “I.”

    Where I put my foot down implies you are going to speak.

    Finally you wrote “I.” Do more of it and get mad once in a while and really put your foot down?

    lol but I think that would work.

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