Ariz. Press Club, Web Publishing, Deadlines, and Halloween

It’s already week four of the semester, and it seems like we just began. Already, student reporters are staring down their computers as their first hard copy deadline approaches.  This Friday, fifty-eight stories on the publication schedule come due. Despite work schedules, car problems, printer breakdowns, illness and family crises, the press will hit the stands on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Meanwhile, add to the hard copy production cycle, a weekly web publishing schedule with deadlines of Monday and Wednesday.  That’s right, the first story of the semester went live last Tuesday–a piece on the Dignity  Memorial Vietnam Wall visiting Phoenix.  Check it out: Links to all the newest posts sit under “Latest News” in the upper right of the Puma Press homepage.

Just when students are ready to drop from meeting the deadline, wait!  There is more: Once deadline is over, a group of editors plan to join the Arizona Press Club for a workshop in Flagstaff, Saturday. They look forward to lots of networking and sessions on photojournalism  and the media law regarding public records.

Despite their unrelenting workload, the Puma Press has not forgotten how to have fun.  Plans are brewing for a Halloween costume contest on Wednesday, Oct. 28, in the Student Union from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Stay tuned…


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