First week of classes

After two years of fairly static numbers, enrollment at PVCC has jumped 14 percent this fall over last.  The campus is teaming with students, and this includes the Journalism Program, despite the industry’s crisis.  Journalism class numbers are higher than they’ve been since 2006, and Friday’s Puma Press staff meeting offered standing room only.  Also on Friday, the program kicked off its broadcast pilot program with a full pressroom of students eager to learn how to produce and post video reports.  At a time when the country’s newsrooms are laying off traditional print reporters in record numbers, the training of new, responsible multi-media journalists is vital. A free society depends on it.  For the journalism students at PVCC and for me, now is an exciting time to be engaged in news production. It is a time to be flexible and to explore new platforms for reporting the truth, not to draw back in fear and defeat.


5 thoughts on “First week of classes

  1. Janice says:

    The Puma Press experienced an exciting start to the semester. A diverse crowd of people including new students and re-entry level students make up the Puma Press this semester. Our after meeting get-together at Catch 22 brought everyone closer as we all chatted and got to know each other. With the great list of story ideas, the enthusiasm of the students, our online presence and the new video equipment, I think we’ll have a great semester and surpass past milestones and accomplish new goals.

  2. Carmela Kelly says:

    The question is why are they higher in the journalism program?

    When an entertainment editor for the AP heard I was a journalism student he told me I should seek a different career. He thinks the whole thing (print media but who said anything about that?) will be gone in ten years .. um… what was he thinking or rather what was he thinking about his job?

    It seems some of my fellow students are coming from ASU to save money on a class or two but what of the others? A poll would be interesting and there’s a WP widget to create one. Maybe you could announce the poll here, through related professors and through the students you teach?

    That would be fascinating.

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