Journalism Grads will find job-rich marketplace

At a time when the free press is overwhelmed by the need to change and fast, it is more important than ever for journalism schools to support the responsible handling of information via web platforms.

The good news is that journalism majors will find a job-rich marketplace for their skills. 

The same web publishing explosion that is devastating traditional, hard copy journalism is multiplying graduates’ opportunities to publish online.

This only makes sense.

Add to that the good sense of schools supporting a healthy, free press that will seek to report the truth in a time when irresponsible publishing is booming online. If educators quail under the stress of meeting this challenge, they risk the ethics and standards of publishing to anarchy.


One thought on “Journalism Grads will find job-rich marketplace

  1. Janice Semmel says:

    I think that journalism students can find jobs, but they also need to realize they won’t start at the top. They need to pay their dues. They also need to have a work ethic that lets them take all assignments and present their best work while continuing to learn new processes available in journalism.

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