Standing firm while the earth moves underfoot

Since January, budget concerns throughout the Maricopa County Community College District have weighed like a great basket of overripe fruit over employees’ heads.

Hiring? Firing? Cutting programs? Raising tuition? Equipment and software updates? What could be done? Must be done? Would be done without? Uncertainty soured into fear overhead as the foundations of the economy threatened to buckle. With it, support for education from the state has stood in jeopardy.

How would the community college find its way?

One thing is sure, fear is not an answer.  Holding the course, keeping our aim on the mission of education and pressing forward together has emerged as the prevailing attitude on campus by semester’s end. That is an approach to the “how” of education that will not change with budgets.


2 thoughts on “Standing firm while the earth moves underfoot

  1. Janice Semmel says:

    Using the Puma Press as an example, I think that this semester was by far our most successful semester with all of the new things that the club undertook. We accomplished so much this semester:
    1. The new Web site put up by students
    2. The YouTube work done with Tim Vetscher
    3. The blogs Le Templar helped us set up and that all of the editors wrote during the semester and will continue to keep after the semester
    4. The new Writing for Online Media class with Joe Gannon that taught us more about blogs, Twitter, Search Engine Optimization and more
    5. The tenacity of all of the editors and staff writers to get great stories and put out a wonderful publication

    We did it all inspite of the budget and the economic upheavals that affect us all.

    Thank you for the wonderful semester and all of the learning opportunites. Let’s do it again next semester.

  2. John Dill says:

    Education is the primary path to self fulfillment and prosperity. And, it is the least expensive activity that a person may choose. I am not against a raise in tuition. Even at a higher price it is the best bargain compared to auto racing, sailing, golfing, scuba diving, collecting Faberge eggs or any of the other things we cannot currently afford.

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