Paul Dale a great fit for PVCC


PVCC Interim President Paul Dale

PVCC Interim President Paul Dale

At PVCC much talk surrounds budgets these days.  How can we preserve our mission to serve the community while cutting costs?

One issue under discussion has been the hiring of a new president for PVCC. Should the district save time and money by choosing to appoint PVCC’s interim president, Paul Dale, or should it go through an expensive and drawn out search? A search could cost up to $80,000, depending on how it’s done.

Dale has been an administrator at PVCC since 1997 and has held the position of interim president before in 2003 and 2004.

Proponents of following the hiring process say we must search for the best and then everyone will feel good about it, even if the decision ends up being for Dale after all.  Most acknowledge that it probably will be for Dale.

I say, haven’t we learned something important—the significance of securing leadership that understands our college’s culture and history?  Dale has been here, knows and has helped build our programs.  I say we are blessed to have him and we don’t want to lose him.

Saving money and time by choosing to appoint Dale would be a sound choice for our college and our budgets.


3 thoughts on “Paul Dale a great fit for PVCC

  1. Janice Semmel says:

    I agree that Dr. Paul Dale is the best choice for PVCC’s president. He has always taken an interest in students by visiting SLC meetings, asking questions of students when in conversation with them and turning out to PVCC functions not for publicity, but to support the group and the function.

    Dale takes time to keep everyone informed with his e-mail “What’s on My Mind.” He works hard to promote PVCC, but he also thanks everyone else for their hard work.

    Who could do a better job and be more a part of PVCC than Dale? Why give up an exquisite gem to pay for a diamond in the rough?

    Janice Semmel

  2. John Dill says:

    No matter what the job, there will always be someone, somewhere, who can do a better job. And, there will always be people who will point to this or that person and claim they will do a better job. Judging leadership includes subjective analysis. If Dr. Dale is good enough at the job and has a high support of staff, faculty, and students then why drag the net.
    We all know the answer. Because some people do not want to change the process. They have confidence in the process. Changing the process disrupts the past and may corrupt the future. Ya, like the winds, droughts, and recessions. Gad, hire the guy. If he screws up, fire him. Or hire him, for some fixed amount of time, say five years, then find another body to beat on.

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