Cell phone a powerless wonder

I love my Sprint LG Lotus.  

The Sprint LG Lotus is a wonder phone until its marvels render it powerless.

The Sprint LG Lotus is a wonder phone until its marvels render it powerless.

It has TV, Internet, video games, streaming radio, GPS, instant messaging and one very big problem—if you use any of these spectacular features, the battery charge disappears like smoke.

Witness my car ride across town with my teenage friend, Jemudeh.  I give him the phone to play with while we drive.  He has a great time with the TV, but before we get to our destination, the freshly charge battery is dead.  I need that phone to call our friend as we reached his neighborhood, our destination. We know we’re close to his place, but viewing the TV has depleted the battery’s charge and we can’t call.

Witness today I arrive at school for a day of newspaper production to find my phone battery dead, just a few text messages and phone calls past a fresh charge. Today, I need to communicate from the computer lab with editors in the newsroom, but now I have no working phone.

The 900 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery claims talk time is 5.5 hours, but I haven’t found it so.  Additionally, if you use any of the phone’s special features, the charge wastes rapidly. The good news?  The phone recharges quickly, in about an hour.

So, I’m going to start carrying the charging cord in my purse; plus, I’m going to purchase a car charger.

As long as the phone is hooked up, it’s a wonder.


2 thoughts on “Cell phone a powerless wonder

  1. John Dill says:

    Not charged, by not powerless.
    Here is a link to the Battery University – http://batteryuniversity.com/parttwo-34.htm
    Here are a few idea. Buy a new battery with more capacity. The existing battery probably is degraded. Carry the extra battery; charged. Turn down the brightness intensity. That gained me nearly two days on the discharge cycle of my phone. When in office or auto use phone while on charger. Its best not to fully discharge Li-Ion. Keep it topped-on.

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